Come 'N' Try


Come & Try (Bookings Required)

Come & Try's are weekly sessions held by our club to introduce both archery, and our club to possible new members, or for people to just experience archery. Having only volunteers for our club, we are passionate in providing you with an experience to leave a fun, memorable time with us. If you've never touched a bow- dont worry! Come N Trys are designed to introduce you the basics. How to hold a bow, how to shoot, etc.


How do I book?

Head over to our "Events" page, and select the date you wish to book. Please note; currently we are only posting 2 weeks at a time. Spots fill up fast, and it is first in best dressed, so best to book fast!

You can find our Events Page here


Where do I find you?

Our club is located at Pennell Reserve, 142 Cranwell St, Braybrook VIC, 3019.



What do I bring?

Bring yourself! If you have long hair, please tie it back or have a hair tie to tie it back while shooting. If it has rained within the last few days, we recommend water proof shoes (Boots, etc) but it is not required!

We give you everything else! A bow, arrows, and a handy cone to put your arrows into while not shooting.


Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us at !